Soundcloud Song-Title Contest

Be a part of the art!

Dialectic Flowers is an ambient music and art project that generates a lot of our content from random data as well as generating content from our listeners. One of the ways that you can “be a part of the art” is participating in our song naming. Our group is run by what we call “wizards” who follow a set of rules to create our mellow mayhem. One of those guidelines is that we are not allowed to title our own compositions. This is where you come in! Just log into your SoundCloud account (or create a quick profile for free) go to this SoundCloud Link and find one of our music pieces or sections that has an availability to leave a comment, and submit a title in the comments. The wizards will vote on the best ideas and your name, or screen name, will be featured in the liner notes when the music is published (or if the piece remains on streaming sites like SoundCloud, your information will be credited along with the audio upload).
It’s free to participate, and when we publish more of our music, we want to offer free downloads and other perks to our contest winners! For those who want to participate without a SoundCloud account, please email the song link to us along with your title suggestions to our contact page at “And the crowd goes mild!”
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