Gentle Qigong with Böö

Jason Ingram (also known as “Böö”) is originally from the Pacific Northwest and is a survivor chronic debilitating health issues. Qigong (also written as “chi-gung”, literally “energy+work”) has been instrumental in his self-care and recovery. This ancient form of movement meditation is adapted for westerners in a non-dogmatic and unorthodox format that focuses on getting results while having fun!

$5 suggested donation helps cover the use of the space. All levels of experience and abilities are welcome to join, or observe. 

Meditation music featuring recordings by Dialectic Flowers

Curious? Look up “Lee Holden Qigong” for inspiration and practicing at home!

Bonzai Studio bonzaistudioajo.com/movement-meditation

15 W Plaza #147, Ajo, AZ 85321

CONTACT Böö for more information

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