About Dialectic Flowers

Dialectic Flowers is an ongoing interactive art and instrumental music project that conceives compositions using methods of chance, creating a meditative and inventive collection of rock, jazz, and classical music with an interest in mental health activism and advocacy

Interactive, Generative, Progressive, Post-rock – featuring Listener Generated Titles


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[Active Wizards]

Jacob Badger: Bass Wizard (booking/PR, bowed acoustic and electric basses – fretless bass guitar)

Knute Snortum: Keyboard Wizard (transcriptions, treated keyboards and infrared instruments)

Jason T. Ingram: Lead Wizard and Micromanager (percussion, winds, keyboards…)


[Honored Wizards]

Melody Gilman: Art Wizard

Carter Hill: Invisible Vagabond Wizard

Tom Blackburn: Rodential Ghost Wizard


 Mental Illness and Entertainment

Another aspect of this project is our focus on mental health and providing opportunities to hire and bring visibility to peers and those of us who’s lives are touched by debilitating mental disorders

The Flowers also aims at creating sounds that are both soothing and intellectually stimulating, from drone meditation music to experimental art pieces

Most of our music is suitable for environments such as art galleries, artsy coffee houses and cat shelters, creating a dynamic balance of arthouse and background music





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