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The Flower Wizards: Knute Snortum, Jacob Badger, and Fake Zappa – Dialectic Flowers recording session, 2017, Oregon USA

The Wizards at Dialectic Flowers have begun our next virtual project: In C-Flat, A Terry Riley Tribute

We are seeking musicians from around the globe to participate in this very unique audio/video project

Here’s an example of our other virtual music video, currently in progress:

Virtual Project Featuring Japan’s Hataken

Instead of a soloist over a duo, this time we are editing together a small orchestra of contributors, inspired by the classic minimalist piece “In C” by American composer, Terry Riley

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The classic 1968 LP of In C


Terry Riley

Why are we doing this?

The Wizards of Dialectic Flowers are made up of artists who are, for the most part, living with mental illness or touched by mental health issues in some way. We also know what it’s like to be treated like outcasts in the art world. Projects like this give opportunities to other “outsider” artists to get some visibility and build community, especially for those who are disadvantaged. At the same time, we can show higher functioning people in the industry that we can accomplish unique, quality, cutting edge media; while raising awareness about mental health issues.

Multimedia artist and mental health activist, Fake Zappa, decided to limit the band to private sessions since early 2018, and to not play publicly until a safe supportive environment can be made to accommodate various special needs. In addition to this hiatus from public performances for the Flower Wizards, the band leader decided to switch his work from the old home studio to living in a travel trailer and being able to stay anywhere around the United States while recording, producing, and editing together new material including virtual projects like this.

For more information about Fake Zappa, check out this epic website.


Fake Zappa, AKA Jason T. Ingram, performing with Dialectic Flowers, Portland, Oregon – 2016

More Information:

Virtual Project Submission Information


In C-Flat: Details and Guidelines


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