HATAKEN (Japan) Performing For Grand Opening – Portland Synth Store Modular8


Modular8 and SundayDriver Productions Presents:

Hataken (Tokyo) & Dialectic Flowers (Milwaukie)

Modular Synth – Ambient Progressive Rock

Saturday, September 23rd, 2017

Doors open at 1PM – Music, 2-5PM

Free event – donations accepted

Location: Modular8 – 1416 SE Morrison St, Portland, OR 97214 – modular8.com

Portland’s Modular8 which began earlier this year, as a grand opening for their retail and performance space, presents for the first time in Oregon, Japan’s Hataken, appearing on stage with local ambient prog-rock project, Dialectic Flowers; offers this unique artistic audio/visual experience

HATAKEN (Translated from Japanese)

Hataken is an electronic music producer and performer based in the Tokyo area, dating back to the mid 90’s. His music style is considered Ambient/Chillout with grooves that uses analog synthesizers and crossing over genres with a unique style and psychedelic feel. Hataken has performed many festivals including Boom 2012 (7 hours live show with analog vintage rigs), Ozora Festival, Sonica, Sound Wave, SXSW [and various appearances around the US, Japan, and Europe.] From 2013, he also started to organize the Tokyo Festival of Modular, an international modular synthesizer exhibition featuring artists and live concerts. Hataken is also featured in Wåveshåper with Greg Hunter, and also is an organizer of an alternative culture underground platform, “ZEN ZEN”.



Dialectic Flowers

Progressive-rock meets post-rock in this listener-interactive instrumental ambient art/music project, based in Oregon – Music conceived using methods of chance

Formed in 2015, Dialectic Flowers is composed of a revolving group of multi-instrumentalists, guest artists, and a small team of friends and peers who create events and studio projects. Dialectic Flowers conceives almost all of their original music using methods of chance, such as what keys, chords, time signatures, and modes their next piece should be played. Musically, their sound is similar to Pink Floyd (’69-72), Godspeed You, Sigur Rós, and Tangerine Dream (Virgin). All of their performances are in a seamless block of constant sound. The Flowers have performed music composed by Brian Eno, Sufjan Stevens, and Mike Oldfield, among other obscure covers. Dialectic Flowers has performed with artists such as Portland’s Odin’s Itch, Paper Gates, and alternative Seattle folk artist David Johnson.


This event will end with a third set with Hataken featuring Dialectic Flowers in their first ever international fusion concert


Live streaming available

Hataken will be appearing around the Seattle area following this event

For more info, please contact Jason at dialecticflowers at gmail.com






Due to the powers out of our control, both artists were canceled

Here’s a tribute to this event: https://soundcloud.com/dialecticflowers/silentshow3

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