Tones For Grounding: “Into”

Testimonials About Tones For Grounding “Into”

From the Insight Timer App

***** “Uplifting – Invigorating”
-Maria, Colorado
***** “Wow beautiful grounding, yet surreal music to meditate to. Thank you”
-Jane, Plymouth
***** “Powerful sounds to be and stay grounded and work through the chakras…”
-Estelle, Iowa
***** “Such a wonderful meditation! Calming, centering and so gratifying!”
-Jude, Texas
***** “Wow… 20 minutes which quieted my monkey mind. I shall be using this again!”
-Andrea, Montana
***** “Nice!! More please”
-Joe, New Jersey
**** “Didn’t hear all of it… Fell asleep. LOL”
-Nathalie, South Holland, Netherlands
***** “Complete and perfect”
-Janet, New Mexico
***** “Beautiful sounds”
-Martin, Berlin, Germany
***** “Stunning.”
-Lindsay, Wisconsin
***** “Beautiful and grounding”
***** “I cried”
-Mary Jane, New Hampshire
***** “Sounds somewhat creepy, but grounded”
-Vivian, The Netherlands
***** “A beautiful sound bath, my second listen and won’t be my last”
-Nicolle, San Bruno
***** “Great way to start the day”
-Shola, United Kingdom
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